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December 15, 2014, 11:38:12 AM by MetalMusicMan in Street Fighter
So Omega mode is out and it's dumb and broken and hilarious. Here are some day one notes / differences for Omega Oni in the 1.04 patch for Ultra Street Fighter 4.

  • All Omega Oni Air Dashes move him forward when non metered (strength determines distance). In addition to Tatsu cancelling, all non-EX Air Dashes can be cancelled into any AIR NORMAL attack.

  • EX Air Dash:
    • LP+MP = Old LP Air Dash (forward)
    • MP+HP = Old MP Air Dash (up)
    • LP+HP = Old HP Air Dash (back)
    • LP+MP+HP = new DOWNWARD Air Dash
    • All EX Air Dashes are air-normal cancelable except PPP (downward one)

  • Jump / Air Tatsu no longer seems to cross up.

  • F,D,DF+K is no longer "Stomp". It's now a demon flip of sorts, which makes you jump up in the air.
    • Pressing P during the animation causes a Stomp to come out.
    • Pressing K during it initiates a dive kick which can be easily combo'd off of.
    • Does not appear to have an EX Version
    • First hit of Stomp followup is OVER HEAD
    • Second hit of Stomp follow-up can CROSS UP (not overhead)

  • Fireballs seem unchanged.

  • New fireball: QCF + PPP -- not really sure what use it has, seems pointless so far.

  • New command normal, B+HP = Ryu F+HP. Combos into B+MP, TC2, etc. etc. HAS ARMOR

  • LK Tatsu = midscreen juggle into MK Tatsu, HP SRK, or new godlike 2-bar EX SRK. In corner, same juggles all work off of HK Tatsu.

  • New combos:
    • B+HP > TC2 > LK Tatsu > HP SRK = 326d/438s meterless.
    • J.HP > st.HP > LK Tatsu > HP SRK = 358d/585s meterless.
    • J.HP > st.HP > LK Tatsu > EX SRK = 498d/690s 2 meters.

  • LK Slash = knocks down. MK Slash = combos into, 2 hits, knocks down 2nd hit. 1st hit = FADC'able for combo followup. HK unchanged.

  • MK Slash = immediately projectile invulnerable as soon as it starts up. Really easy to react to fireballs.

  • LK Slash is unsafe on block now. However, cr.MP, cr.MK, and st.MK combo into it now.

  • Stepkick is really slow.

  • Air Raging Demon = 420 damage. Ground Raging Demon = 450 damage.

  • He can Air Super Cancel out of HK Tatsu any time he wants, lol

  • Ultra 2 input = QCBx2 PPP (still juggles after EX Slash, feels like startup might be slower though)

December 05, 2014, 01:10:34 PM by MetalMusicMan in Street Fighter
In the on-going saga of "I haven't updated this old-assed website but need somewhere to archive something", we find our hero copy-pasting a response that he made to a question that someone asked about Oni st.MP...


"Mind I ask what's the most practical use of the I haven't yet figured out where it comes in best to my style of Oniplay."

It's sort of an inbetween for F+LK and cr.MK.

Oni's st.MP is sort of his version of what most Shotos use cr.MK for, the only downside being that it doesn't low-check. Consider that Oni's cr.MK is probably the worst of all the shotos because it only has 2 active frames and a 6 frame startup. Since st.MP is also 6 frame startup and similar range, the fact that it has 4 active frames is a big deal. Oni may have the worst cr.MK of the Shotos, but he has the BEST st.MP, imo.

It also has a sort of weird hurtbox that can make lows whiff under the attack, like F+LK does. It's slower than F+LK and not quite as good of a disjointed hitbox/hurtbox, but it's still really good and it's SPECIAL CANCELLABLE which is a big deal. Where and when to use it is a vast and vague question because you should be using it a lot, but a good place to start is to try using it against Ryu when he tries to cr.MK you. There's a range you can do it where you'll almost always beat his cr.MK and you can special cancel into Fireball or LK Slash.

August 10, 2014, 03:38:39 PM by MetalMusicMan in Street Fighter
I still desperately need to redo this website, but until then it's still the best place to put things like this Smiley
--- --- ---

11/20/2014 Update -- This new extended combo is the one that Sanford Kelly has been using. It's more consistent than the Triple B+MP and does more damage and stun, so everyone should use it. It works because after a LK Slash > FADC, you're closer to the opponent than you'd normally be able to be while standing next to them. It's character-specific, but it works on most of the cast (28 characters).

st.HP > LK Slash xx FADC xx cr.MP xx B+MP xx TC2 > HK Tatsu - 440 Damage / 635 Stun

Abel (2 hit Tatsu)
Akuma (over 50% of his health!)
El Fuerte (2 hit Tatsu)
Evil Ryu
Fei Long
Guile (2 hit Tatsu)
M. Bison
Makoto (2 hit Tatsu)
Rufus (2 hit Tatsu)
Seth (over 50% of his health!)
T. Hawk (2 hit Tatsu)
NO, DOES NOT WORK (just use cr.MP xx TC2 instead)
C. Viper
Chun Li
E. Honda
Hugo (weird meaty drop on 2nd b+mp)

--- --- ---

Oni Triple B+MP List (OLD)
Spoiler for Hiden:
For Ultra Street Fighter 4 Oni players out there, here are my lab notes with every character you can do B+MP 3x times on (FADC'd from LK Slash is the most practical way to set it up, though it's also practical after some punished reversals).

If anyone has tested this further feel free to let me know any additional findings you have (@MetalMusicMan04).

Oni triple b+mp to MK Tatsu (TC2 whiffs, this is 3x b+mp ONLY!!! you may just want to do 2x and use TC2 instead?)
... ... ...
E. Honda
T. Hawk
Vega (only seems to work if YOU are on the LEFT side... weird...)

Triple to TC2 to MK Tatsu (because HK Tatsu's 3rd hit whiffs, so MK Tatsu's 2 hits = more damage)
... ... ...
Guy (weird whiff on Tatsu, not worth it)

To HK Tatsu (full 3 hits of HK Tatsu so it's better than MK Tatsu)
... ... ...

Jump in only
... ... ...
Balrog (HK Tatsu)
M. Bison (HK Tatsu)
El Fuerte (MK Tatsu)
Guile (MK Tatsu, only seems to work if YOU are on the LEFT side... weird...)

Oni, Street Fighter 4, Ultra, Combo, Bread and Butter, BNB, Optimized, Damage, Stun, SF4

July 21, 2014, 08:27:30 AM by MetalMusicMan in Street Fighter
My idea is to have a go-to guide / tutorial / resource for Street Fighter beginners and intermediates that is as concise and easily digestible as possible. Hopefully I achieve that and these videos help people Smiley  This took FOREVER! So glad I finally finished it!

The USF4 Guidebook - Part 1: The Basics
The USF4 Guidebook - Part 1: The Basics - Guide / Tutorial

The USF4 Guidebook - Part 2: Intermediate
The USF4 Guidebook - Part 2: Intermediate - Guide / Tutorial

Reddit /r/sf4 post:

January 13, 2014, 10:18:07 AM by MetalMusicMan in Creativity
Subreddit /r/WritingPrompts recently posed the question:

"A Man gets to paradise. Unfortunately, Lucifer won the War in Heaven ages ago. What is the man's experience like?"

/u/DrowningDream posted a damn-awesome short story based on that question, I really enjoyed it and I hope you all do too Smiley

Quote from: DrowningDream
"Pizza? I didn't think there'd be pizza in heaven," Jim said.

"Why not? Pizza is the shit," the angel said.

"And cursing. And beer? Is that beer?"

In fact, the table was laid out with all the things Jim loved. Chicken wings, malt whiskey, chilly fries, club sandwiches, those little wieners wrapped in bacon. Over the table hung a cage where two beautiful women danced naked to 90's alternative. The angel saw him gazing.

"You can have them after dinner," he said.

"Are they being punished?" Jim asked. He was a man, through and through, but he didn't like the idea of raping someone in paradise.

"Punished? Is that what you think we do here? They love it. Some women like to party. We don't hold that against them. Cherry there has been welcoming our new guests for two hundred years." The angel leaned close with a knowing smile. "There are no anal fissures in heaven, so go wild."

Jim coughed. "So uh, well . . ." He coughed again. "What are the uh, ground rules?"

"Ground rules?"

"Like, what's the forbidden fruit? What's the catch around here?"

"No catches. The boss doesn't care for rules. Everybody gets in, and everybody gets what they desire. Let's say you were a Christian all your life, well I'd be all shiny and I'd take you on the holy tour, you'd get to look down at hell and pity the damned, that sort of thing. If you're Jim from Tennessee, you get chicken wings and bitches."

"Huh," Jim said. "You know, I never really believed in this place, but I figured, if it was there, it'd be a little more uptight."

"Not since Lucy reclaimed the throne."


"Lucifer. He's Lucy now. Or she's Lucy now. We're all a little confused. But hey, more power to him if that's what gets her off."

"Lucifer?! Lucifer is in charge of heaven?"

Jim knocked over his beer in surprise. The angel was laughing heartily.

"Oh, the shock on your faces, it never gets old! Yes, Lucifer fought a last resistance a very long time ago. He crushed the Usurper handily. As the Usurper fell, he passed through earth, and it was in retaliation that he saddled you guys with all those ridiculous books and laws."

"No shit."

"No shit."

Jim pulled out from long years of habit. To his surprise, he orgasmed a slice of apple pie, complete with a fork and a dapple of cream.

"Sorry," Cherry said. She took a bite and melted with satisfaction. "I really love pie after sex."

"No, that was awesome." Jim was looking in awe at his penis. In Tennessee, whatever came out of it was generally a nuisance. It certainly hadn't been pie.

Cherry laughed. "It takes a little getting used to."

"Yeah, I guess it does."

He lay down on his back with his hands clasped behind his head. While Cherry enjoyed her dessert, he tried to bring the last several hours into focus.

"So, you heard the angel and me talking, right?"


"About Lucy and the resistance and all that?"


"Is that what he told you?"

"What do you mean?"

Jim had never given these sorts of things much thought, so he had difficulty articulating the funny feeling in his brain. He looked at Cherry's breasts, ran a finger down her back, watched her eat the pie. Paradise . . .

"I mean, if part of this place is hearing what you want to hear, how do you know what's what? How do we know what's true?"

Cherry swallowed and shook her fork. "Oh yeah, the paradox thingy. You know, it's been a long time since I thought about it. You're pretty quick to grab it so fast. It'll bother you for a while, but when you get to live the way you want to live the whole truth thing just kind of goes out the window. I mean, who cares?"

"But, what if what you want is the truth? Like, is there a truth?"

She held up the pie. "This is the fucking truth, honey." The way she said it, he found difficulty finding any fault with it. Still, he was bothered, and he didn't think a person should feel bothered in heaven.

"What if this is really hell? What if somebody really is looking down, pitying us?" he wondered aloud.

The walls began to shake.

"Wow, that really must be bothering you," Cherry said.

"What? Why? What's happening?" Jim was on his feet now. "Is this bad?"

"Lucy's coming. She comes around when the paradox gets to you. Don't worry, she's super nice. Tell her you like her dress."


There was a warbling, pixelating whoomf and a beautiful woman stepped out of a hole in the wall. When the hole closed, the room shuddered back to solid.

"Cherry!" the woman exclaimed. "You indigo slut, it's been ages! How are you!"

The two of them hugged. Jim stood naked and speechless.

"This is Jim," Cherry said, after a few more obligatory exchanges. "He's worried about the whole where am I thing."

"Jim." Lucy held out her hand. The nails were painted, the fingers were milk white.

"I - I like your dress," Jim said.

Lucy's laughter was sudden, honest, and contagious. Soon all three of them were laughing. Jim began to feel embarrassed he had been taking things so seriously.

"Well, I do hate these formalities," Lucy said, drawing a card from her blouse, "but there is bureaucracy even here." She handed him the card. "If you ever want to know the truth, just find the address on the card there. They'll fill you in on everything."

"Really?" Jim said, taken aback. "Just like that?"

"Well . . ."

Aha! Jim's head rejoiced. A catch! Finally a damn catch. It eased his mind immensely just knowing there was something up.

"If you go to the truth, you can't come back." Lucy's frown was sexual. Everything about her was sexual.

"You can't come back? Why?"

"I can't tell you that. It's part of the truth."

Jim looked at the card. It was nothing but TRUTH in capital letters, under which read the enticing address, 1 Truth Road.

Lucy's hand was on his arm. He hadn't noticed her approach. When he looked up there was intensity in her eyes. It thrilled him. She spoke softly.

"My advice is always the same. You have an eternity to enjoy yourself. The truth can wait."

He was in her mouth before he knew what was happening. It was pleasure beyond anything he'd ever known. When he finished, and Lucy took her leave, he and Cherry shared the bucket of chicken wings.

It took Jim 376 years to get bored. He stood at 1 Truth Road, thinking it was funny how small the building was.

When he walked in, the man behind the reception desk smiled.

"You seek the truth?" the man said.

"I suppose I do," Jim said.

"If you don't mind, there's a series of questions I'd like to ask you. This is completely optional, but your honest answers help us improve paradise."

Jim shrugged. "Shoot."

"How would you rate your overall experience? These are all one to ten, by the way."


"How helpful was our staff?"


"The weather?"


"The event center?"


"The wi-fi?"

"You know what, just put me down for ten on everything."

The man nodded knowingly. It took him a good five minutes to fill in all the tens, and Jim was glad he made the request.

"If you don't mind my asking, if everything is a ten, why leave?" the man asked.

"I could go for a few sevens."

"Fair enough. Just go down that hall, and you're looking for the second door on the right. Good luck."

He found the room easily enough. It was smaller than the main lobby, but with the same setup. It was mostly white, and there was a man behind a desk and a single chair in front of it. Jim blinked a few times. It was the same man.

"Take a seat."

"You're the same guy," Jim said.

"I run things around here. Go ahead, sit down. Alright, so before we proceed I have to make sure you understand this all correctly. For starters, once you find out the truth, you know that you can't go back?"

"I do."

"And you know that you're leaving of your own free will, that you aren't compelled in any way to leave?"

"Well, I can only assume that, really."

"Good enough. And the last thing, you're aware that billions of souls are perfectly happy to be happy in spite of the paradox?"

"I am."

"Great. Now, as for the truth. For the last 376 years, you have been living in paradise, and paradise is awesome."

That's all he said. He said it as if that was all that needed saying. For the first time in a long time, Jim was angry.

"That's not enough," he said through clenched teeth.

"I'm afraid it never is." The man nodded.

"What about God? The Devil? Heaven and Hell and right versus wrong? Who runs this place? Where is it?"

"Oh. Really? That's not even part of the paradox. God and the Devil are the same thing, and this where people go when they die. That's all pretty much obvious."

"But, but . . ." Had he made a mistake coming here? He suddenly wanted nothing more than to step back into the orgy's oblivion. "But what about, I mean, who's right?"

The man spread his hands. His face was brutally sincere. "If you can't ask a meaningful question I can't help you," he said.

Jim was speechless. He had no idea what question to ask. All those years, the chicken, the women, the booze, he always just figured the truth was sitting here on a silver platter, waiting for him. God and the Devil are the same person? What kind of truth was that?

"The exit is through that door," the man said.

It was a plain door.

"What's on the other side?"

"I have no idea."

"What??! This is 1 Truth Road! I'm giving up Paradise for this. The fuck you don't know what's on the other end of a goddamn door!"

"I never went through it."

"Then you don't know the truth!"

"I told you the truth."

"What about the door?"

"That's where you leave."

"What's behind it?"

"I don't have a clue."

"Jesus Christ!"

"Not really."

Jim went to the door and threw it open. Before he went in, he looked back one last time.

"At least give me this. What's the point of this place? 1 Truth Road. It sure as hell ain't the truth."

The man shrugged. "It wouldn't be paradise with you moping around."

Jim fell through the door.

January 07, 2014, 03:51:38 PM by MetalMusicMan in Street Fighter
Pretty awesome stuff from Necro Phagos, his program lets you build combos and then set audio to specific buttons so you can learn the timing of combos via audio ques.  You can even save your combos as .cmb files so you can upload them for others to use!  All you need to get started is a copy of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 for PC and then his small 300kb program.

Download the program here, and here are some Oni Combos that I made.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

Quote from: Necro Phagos
I hope the video explained everything okay. If the program somehow acts weirdly check again if you have configured your sf keyboard1 settings the way the video explained.

Some people have problems getting it to work. This will be improved in further version but until now I'll have you know the following info.

the program doesn't measure time but instead uses the internal framecounter of sf4. which means the program won't work when. sf is not running, sf is not inside a match or training, sf is paused and saddly also when the graphic setting for stage quality is set to low (it somehow moves around some internal memory stuff)

Via Necro Phagos from /r/SF4 on Reddit.

January 03, 2014, 11:33:15 PM by MetalMusicMan in Gaming
Let's Play Black Mesa - Part 5: The Return
Let's Play Black Mesa - Part 5: The Return

Let's Play Black Mesa - Part 6: Peters, you son of a bitch!
Let's Play Black Mesa - Part 6: Peters, you son of a bitch!

December 01, 2013, 05:39:59 PM by MetalMusicMan in Music
Insomnium released a new single with some instrumental bonus tracks and it's awesome!  Stoked for the new album, One For Sorrow was amazing so I'm ready for the next chapter Smiley

Insomnium - Ephemeral - Full EP

November 26, 2013, 09:25:44 AM by MetalMusicMan in Creativity
The Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Ladder is resetting TODAY!  If you've been hankering for loot, why not fireup the best loot grinder of all time and make a character on the freshly reset ladder?  For those unaware, Ladders force everyone to create a new character from scratch and remove all existing characters from the server.  This means no existing items / economy, so trading is much more fresh and fun Smiley
Here's a sweet Logical Fallacies wallpaper from /u/HastyUsernameChoice. He's also got a website where you can download a free vector file for printing or order a print for $20.

"Nightblade" is a really awesome collection of Skyrim screenshots that tells a pretty cool narrative.  /u/granpappy is a photographer and it really comes through in his screenshots.